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For any queries about the above, just email me or call me 050 1441 769.

All the legal jargon should be copy and pasted here but I have no idea what it means - I trust Aramex and Paypal will do their job. If you want your money back and can return the pic in the same condition as you received it I will gladly (and sadly) return your money no problem! This might look like a 'big' business but I assure you looks are deceiving - its just me and my cat from my kitchen. These E shop templates makes one look quite professional!

Any issues with the frame etc please contact the Al Warda Gallery 04 349 42 83 or myself and we will fix it immediately. (unlikely as they are pretty good at framing and have 26 years experience in the UAE).

If you receive your frame damaged please call me and I will scream at Aramex then get you a new one :)